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Linus Rönnkvist


For the last months, I have tried out a number of FitLine products, mostly FitLine Basics, Activize Oxyplus, Fitness-Drink and Restorate. The positive effect of FitLine is that my energy level and my ability to concentrate have increased. Previously I felt tired prior to work-out and during it, mainly because of my fulltime job next to my elite sporting. I feel it is easier to recharge for practice and games. I experience that FitLine products are a good supplement to my regular food / nutrition.


My latest greatest sports achievments:

  • 2016 Elite League Games
  • 2015 Elite League Games
  • 2014 Semifinal Elite League Games
  • 2013 Semifinal Elite League Games
Filip & Simon Stenborg


Today we both compete in Motocross Sidecar. We’ve been using FitLine for 2 ½ years and we have made great achievements in our sport since. Before (me, Filip) I had much problem with my stomach and trouble getting my body to cope on training sessions and competitions. Today my body works noticeably better and I recover incredibly well! Simon also competes in regular Motocross in Sweden Championship but has now also started with Sidecar. He has, in just 3 years, qualified to World Championship. We’re so happy that we got in touched with FitLine because they have physical helped us a lot.


Our latest greatest sports achievements:

  • 2013 Silver medal in Swedish Championship (Filip, Motocross Sidecar)
  • 2013 9th place in World Championship (Filip, Motocross Sidecar)
  • 2013 Qualified to Swedish Championship (Simon, Motocross)
Roger Strandh


Since I started using FitLine I have managed to maintain focus throughout the competitions. After a tough day at work, I regain my energy faster and can go to my workouts.


My latest greatest sports achievments:

  • 2016 Part of the National Team, in the Swedish Championship 300 m Shooting
  • 2015 Part of the National Team, several regional competitions
  • 2014 Part of the National Team, several regional competitions
  • 2013 Part of the National Team, several regional competitions
Jacob Persson


I have used Power Cocktail in the morning before practice. And then Restorate and Activize in the afternoon. In the evenings, we have used Restorate. I have used FitLine for three months and feel more alert in the mornings thanks to the Power Cocktail.


My latest greatest sports achievments:

  • 2017 Swedish Champion Latin Dance, Bronze Medal Springball Gothenburg, 15th place of Copenhagen Open, Rising Star, Colosseo Open in Rome, 2nd place
  • 2016 Bronze medal Swedish Championship, 111th place in Blackpool Dance Festival (out of 300)
  • 2015 International Championship 57th place (out of 150 )
Linda Johansson

American Football

When it comes to American Football, both my body and brain needs to be 100% prepared and ready, since every step and decision I make on the field, can be crucial. There is no time for mistakes or fatigue. FitLine has given me the best conditions to succeed. My sport demands explosivity and to be able to activate many different muscle-groups at the same time. My body is exposed to extreme physical collisions and during the season it is a short time for recovery and recuperation. Basics and Activize Oxyplus gives me the kick-start I need in the morning. Restorate and FitnessDrink helps me recover in the best possible way. Apart from all this help, that I get with my exercise, I feel a lot better overall. Sleep and appetite and a properly working stomach goes hand in hand and enables me to focus on my training without interruptions. Thanks to FitLine all pieces have been improved and FitLine is now a natural part of my daily life.


My latest greatest sports achievments:

  • 2016 International matches against Russia and Finland, Swedish Champions with Örebro Black Knights
  • 2015 European Championships in Spain, Rookie of the year according to “saff (Swedish American Football Federation)” in American Football
Daniel Andersson


I’m very pleased with FitLine. They give me energy when I play sports. I’m drinking the products before, during and after training sessions and competitions. I feel more motivated and my legs feel fresher. I no longer get lactic acid in my muscles and I’ve noticed that I recover myself faster. I also think that my brain feels fresher and that I can make faster decisions (and the right decisions). I also manage to keep the focus for a longer time during games than I could before. When I take the evening drink before I go to bed, I feel more alert and have more energy the next day. I do not get ill or colds as often as before I started with FitLine which is important so I don’t miss workouts or important matches.


Our latest greatest sports achievements:

  • 2012-2013 Man of the year in Bandy
  • 2011-2013 Winner of Elit Serie scoring points
  • 1 gold medal in Swedish Championship, 2 gold medals in World Championship and 1 gold medal in European Championship
Linnéa Sundholm


After three months of using FitLIne products I can feel that my immune system has improved a lot, I haven’t been sick since December, which is very unusual for me. I am usually more sick than healthy. I haven’t felt any difference in regeneration since I started to use FitLine, something that I had hoped for. I get injured easily and I had to end the season earlier than I wanted to, due to injuries. Apart from this I am superhappy with the results, and it has been easy to drink, since it is very tasty. It has almost been like, you wait for the morning and evening to come, so that you can take the products.


My latest greatest sports achievments:

  • 2016 Elite League Games